Our suppliers

Breakfast at the Hotel Rathaus Wein&Design has many facets, offering you fresh quality and regional specialities.
All egg dishes are freshly and individually prepared for you from free-range eggs.

Much of it is homemade or from organic production. In order to bring you a little closer to the people behind the high-quality products,
we bring them before the curtain here and introduce you to some of our suppliers! 

Bakery Confectionery  Kasses - Slowfood baker with passion

The Kasses bakery was founded in 1925 in the small Waldviertel town of Thaya and is now being run by the 3rd generation of Erich Kasses. The 4th generation is already in the starting blocks, as daughters Lena and Laura are busy helping out and bringing a breath of fresh air to the traditional bakery. In the past, we had few ingredients but all the more time, and that was also the origin of the art of baking.

We understand baking culture to mean baking again the way generations before us did it: the best ingredients from nature, letting the doughs mature with plenty of time and baking fresh with love. For us, there is no convenience, no ready-made, no quick - the power of the quality product lies in the peace and quiet. For some years now, we have even been cultivating forgotten varieties of grain ourselves - forest rye, emmer rye, champagne rye. These varieties are then ground in our own mill.

Learning the craft of baking takes a lot of time. In order to internalise the right mixture of ingredients and the secrets of the baker's art, Erich Kasses gathered over 30 years of experience. Today he is a farmer, miller and, of course, a baker - and more than ever a visionary. His love of the region and its special features give each loaf its own story and character.


Müllergartner bakery from the Marchfeld region

Through a good working atmosphere, we contribute to our employees' zest for life. The quality of our goods is exceptional and is considered one of the best in Austria.

Our employees are praised again and again for their competence and friendliness. The company's equipment is up-to-date and serves our orientation in terms of working atmosphere, quality and environment. Our employees earn above-average wages and share in the profits. The company is sustainably positioned and has a good reputation, which gives us an advantage over our competitors. For our customers, we are a reliable, competent, solution-oriented and fair partner. We negotiate hard but fairly with our suppliers. We are a loyal customer and appreciate their competence, honesty as well as reliability.

Honey Neber -
Organic honey from Styria

Every honey is a sweet reflection of a region in which it is collected. Due to the diversity of the nectars of the plants present in this region, up to 200 different ingredients, such as grape and fruit sugars, minerals, proteins, vitamins, enzymes and pollen are contained in the honey. Honey is therefore a real elixir of life. The recipe for success of the organic beekeeping in Sankt Lorenzen results from the best ingredients: Tradition, mountains, forest and meadows and last but not least passion and enthusiasm.  High-quality and pure honeys with an intense, typical flavour are created. Enjoy! 


Butcher's shop Fleischhaker

All meat and sausage products offered on our buffet come from the Fleischhaker butcher's shop in the Waldviertel. Thomas Fleischhaker offers his customers a selected range of self-produced sausage and ham specialities and only meat from small-scale farms in the Waldviertel is sold.

As a small, traditional family business in its 3rd generation, the Fleischhaker family attaches great importance to high quality, incomparable enjoyment and traditional in-house production.


Muesli & Nuts from Lower Austria 

The family business Getreide-Gutscher has been closely associated with the production of food for over 200 years and is very close to the original agricultural production with its own farm and an agricultural trade business.

Our manufactory is located in the main house of the Gutscher family in Sieghartskirchen, on the edge of the Vienna Woods, where we prepare high-quality ingredients into the best mueslis and porridges with a small team with a lot of experience.
We pay special attention to the quality of our raw materials. Austrian origin of the ingredients has priority for us. We often buy special raw materials such as exotic dried fruits or nuts directly in the countries of origin, thus ensuring control over the production process.

We have been producing our muesli creations according to our own recipes for 25 years now. In the beginning, we exclusively supplied the catering and hotel industry, but for some years now we have also been running a web shop for our private customers. Our assortment has also multiplied over time. Our main focus is on long-life, dry foods. The preference for stock packs does not only come from our gastronomic past, the economic aspect also plays an important role for us - no middlemen, less packaging material, less CO2 emissions.

Enjoy premium ingredients and excellent quality!



Honey from my city

We are beekeepers who have made it our goal to bring bees and people together in the city.

Around the core team of the WIENER BEZIRKSIMKEREI in the 5th district, other beekeepers and bee enthusiasts take care of our hundreds of thousands of employees and actively help us with everything that comes up. We currently look after over 250 bee colonies at almost 50 locations in Vienna.

We are always open to questions and are happy to be looked over our shoulders.

As a hotel, we are currently pleased to be able to accommodate 5 bee colonies on our roof. You can find the honey at our breakfast buffet and also in the shop to take home.