Winemaker of the month
Guest winemaker of the month

From August 2023, we will also start again with our guest winemaker project.

We invite winemakers who are not yet known on the well-known stage.
Young, dynamic, small wineries are welcome here.

Enclosed is an overview for the next months:

April 2023: Winery Hirsch 

May 2023: Winery Ernst Triebaumer 

June 2023: Winery F.X. Pichler

July 2023: Winery Giefing

August 2023, Guest winemaker: Winery Zuschmann-Schöfmann

September 2023: Winery Hirzberger 

October 2023: Winery Heinrich 

November 2023, Guest winemaker: Winery Schiefermair

December 2023: Winery Günter Triebaumer